Sunday, April 23, 2017

Jan. 2018

A new year and maybe a new start on blogging.  Seems like everyone has turned to Facebook to be their social media.  I don't always like to make things that public.  So I am  going to try blogging again.  Hoping that some of my friends that use to blog will return or have returned.

A lot has  happened in the last year or so that I have been on Facebook.  Amber has had another baby boy and is still with Bobby.  They have their ups and downs but seem to be doing much better than she and the jerk from her past!  Her boys are adorable and I wish I were in better health so I could have them more.  But at 2 1/2 and 9 months they are very mobile and busy and this old body that will be 71 next month just isn't able to keep up anymore!  I hate that part of getting old!

Since I wrote last I have had cataract surgery on both eyes and can now see without glasses for seeing distances but still need them for reading.  But I love not having to wear glasses all the time and when the weather gets hot will love not having them sliding down my nose!

Brian's divorce was final and he and Belinda had a Spiritual Ceremony Friday evening.  His children and Belinda's twin sister Mabel were in attendance along with Tom and I.  It was very nice and we all went to Brann's after and shared a meal. So his children now have a Step-mom but she isn't the mean kind.  They will have a civil wedding later this summer to make it legal in the eyes of the rest of the world, but in God's eyes they are married and committed. 

It is now Thursday the 20th and tomorrow Tom and I will have been married 27 years!  Longer than I ever thought we would be married.  Not because it is hard to be married to him, but because we got married later in life and I wasn't sure either of us would live this long!  But here we are celebrating another year..........hooray for us!  Brian and Belinda were out tonight visiting and having some dessert with her twin Mabel.  She's also a very nice gal.  Not exactly like Belinda but nice!

I am hoping to get a puppy come the beginning of May.  A little boy puppy and his name right now is Wookie.  He is so adorable. He is a German Shepard, Border Collie and Lab mix.  We will change his name to Bear.  And I just found out that we will be his adopted parents.  Nothing could  have made me happier............well, nothing except learning that my hubby will get to go on first shift!

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