Sunday, April 23, 2017


Well, here it is November.  The month that hubby heads up north to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to deer hunt for two weeks.  I miss him when he's up there, but he works hard all year long and deserves this time to hunt, enjoy family members who also hunt and just to get away without any worries at all.  He wasn't sure he was going to be able to go because they laid him off the beginning of Oct. which means he wouldn't have the extra money to go.  He lucked out and they called him back from lay-off beginning Oct. 31st.  One of the things that would have been so hard for him was that if he remained on lay-off, he would have lost his health insurance benefits through his employer.  And with all the medical issues he and I have would have placed us in a world of hurt!!  I have been to the E.R. 2 times in a four-day period.  The first one was for muscle spasms in my back and 2 days later it was because of severe itching due to an unexpected and unwanted new allergy to the Penicillin I had been on for a sinus infection.  Guess I won't be taking that anti-biotic anymore!

And November brings us all closer to the Christmas holiday, which is very expensive when you have as many grandchildren as we do.  We would like to do more for them but it is impossible with the cost of everything now and the prices are still going up on food, gas, toys, etc.  Every one gets a present that has been picked just for them!   I am glad we live close enough to most of them so we know what the like to do and what interests they have at the present time.  Our clan in Kentucky are not difficult either.  We send them a prepaid Visa or MasterCard and let momma and daddy shop for things the four kids down there would like.     

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