Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16 ~ Monday morning. . . . . .

so here it is.  Another Monday morning where I don't feel like waking up.  Yet I must, the dogs want out and the sun is shining.  So why this funk?  Maybe because the weather has been so cold and rainy lately that it's just some state of mind we have all adapted to cope with the crappy weather.  Maybe we will be in some kind of funk through the entire year!  I guess that wouldn't be the end of the world. . . . we would just have to deal with it!

My mind wants to jump up and do things.........anything active and outdoors..........but my body says 'whoa girl' we can't do that anymore!  So I guess that is really the crux of my funk.  And I guess it will be with me for the rest of the year and probably into next year too.  Plans, future, dreams?  Don't really feel I have any of those anymore.  It seems I'm just here exisiting until the good Lord calls me home.  I now know why all those people in my past who were either very sick or old(er) than me were ready to call in quits and die.  They even looked forward to it........something I find myself thinking about some days!


Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way. I feel as if there is nothing to look forward to. I should change my last name to Funk. Some is the never ending bad economy along with other things that are affected by the bad economy.

I'll give you a hug (((Martie))). If I were closer we would have some popcorn and watch a comedy. I've been watching reruns of All in the Family to forget the news and such.

Perhaps someday the economy will really improve and we will have a job recovery rather than a so called jobless recovery, which in my humble opinion isn't a recovery.

Hugs again!

janeywan said...

Yep I feel the same way! Is there something in the air?

Ame said...

i feel the same way ... tired of fighting all these fights in life. knew it couldn't be true, but was a bit disappointed Jesus didn't come back on saturday :)