Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend begins tomorrow and it is supposed to be a partly sunny day.  Easter Sunday is supposed to be raining.  That means any grand kid coming here will have to hunt Easter Eggs inside this year.  Seems like so many of the near past Easters have been cold and snowy or rainy.  I can't remember when the last Easter was that the little ones could hunt outside for their eggs.

I don't even know if any of the kids are coming to bring the grand kids over.  I asked, but haven't heard back from anyone.  We've been invited to Bumpa's aunt and my friends home for dinner, but I hate to accept in case the kids do bring the grands over.  I tried to see what Amber is doing, but haven't heard from her either.

It's really a yucky day today.  Gray and gloomy and a fine mist just enough to make it feel really cold.  Bumpa has slept almost all day so far.  I'm waiting for him to wake up so I can see what he would like to eat for supper.  It is already 6PM and I hate to cook too much later than this.  I absolutely detest cleaning a mess up late in the evening.

Bumpa and our oldest son, Brian, have been out Turkey hunting most of this week.  They didn't go today because Brian wasn't feeling good.  But I believe they are all supposed to go tomorrow when the weather is nicer.  Even Doug is planning on joining them I think!

Perhaps we will have a fresh Turkey for Easter!


Anonymous said...

Wow turkey hunting! It was in the upper 60's and rainy here. That was cold considering it had been in the 80's. It is supposed to be 80 something on Saturday and Sunday. I hope you have a Happy Easter! Hugs!

janeywan said...

What we wouldn't do for a yucky rainy day. I sound like a broken record don't I? Fire is our enemy this spring and hope won't continue into the summer when lighting strikes can start a hugh fire in an instant. The one south of Denver (Parker area) was start by two teenages, boy are they in trouble.
Hope you hear from the kids soon, if it were me I just make other plans, course easy for me to say without having any grandkids. I'm sure having them I'd be hoping, as you are, you will get to spend with them.
It was make your own dinner tonight at our place. :)