Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not much happening!

Still working extra hours to fill in for the gal that quit without giving any notice. This is the second week of the extra hours and I have one more week to go next week. The gal they hired is finishing up her training at corporate headquarters this week and will complete her training next week at our office. Monday and Tuesday all day she will be working with me and Wednesday and Thursday she will be working with Katie and the 3 hour shift on Friday will be with me again. The following week, I will be able to return to my one full day (Tuesday) a week. But in August, I will have to do two weeks of all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to cover for Katie while she gets married and goes on her honeymoon cruise.

This weekend is the 4Th of July and our kids and grand kids.......well, most of them, will be coming here for the parade and a cookout. We have already got the pool set up and hope the water will be warm enough for them to get wet to cool off it gets that hot! Three of the kids and their families won't be attending. Oldest son has camping reservations with his family, youngest daughter and her family were up here for the long Memorial Day weekend and can't afford another trip from Kentucky and our daughter in Texas is coming up later this month with our two grand daughters and will stay for two weeks. We are all getting excited about that. I haven't seen them since last October and the rest of the family has never met them. We adopted her after she was full grown with two girls of her own. But everyone is anxious to meet them. I'm sure we will have a great time and find plenty to keep us busy. The girls are at fun ages and we can't wait until they arrive! I'm hoping that with all the covering for the other gals at work, I am able to find someone to cover for me when they are here. I know it would only be for two Tuesday's, but I don't want to miss any time with them if I can help it, 'cause I'm not sure when I will see them again!

Harley, aka, Boo, had her surgery on her lip from a face first fall into the coffee table in her home a few months ago. They put tubes in both her ears at the same time. She was totally deaf in her right ear due to fluid buildup that had to be removed before the tubes were placed and a partial fluid buildup in her left ear. She seems to have come through it quite well and her lip really looks good and she can actually already hear out of her right ear. They found an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor that could take care of her ears and fix her lip at a much more reasonable price than the plastic surgeon they told us we would have to get to do the job. And the bonus was they could fix everything at the same time. Good thing.......she isn't very pleasant when coming out of the anesthesia. Just like her Daddy.........that apple didn't fall far from the tree! Sorry son, but I tell it as I see it! Thanks to all who kept her in their thoughts and prayers. God is awesome!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th! Glad that Boo was able to get the surgery and treatment she needed.


Lori said...

I'm happy that Boo is doing well. Sounds like you have a fun and eventful 4th ahead and lots of fun times with family. Yippee for summer!!

Renee said...

Sound like you have A LOT going on! Glad to hear that Boo is doing well. Hope your 4th was great!