Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is Normal?

Well, that didn't last long. Hub got to spend three weeks on first shift and they are telling him that as of Monday he must return to second shift once again. Seems the job he signed for was only temporary as the gal who had it was off on disability. Would have been nice if they had been up-front about it and told him at the get go. He never would have signed for it and accepted it knowing it would only be a short time and he would be required to return to second shift. That stuff is hard on a body always adjusting sleep habits, timing of medications that he needs, etc.

It's hard on all of us. I must once again adjust to being a married woman who attends every single family function that is held in the evenings (except on Sunday) as a single woman. Always the fifth wheel and driving by myself. It also limits the timing for having the grandkids spend the night and or a few days with me. It's not so bad for the older ones, they are fairly quiet and can still do it. But the younger ones who tend to be loud and cry much more frequently when they don't get their own way, it becomes next to impossible because their noise in the morning has a way of disturbing hubs' sleep and wakes him up before he has had enough sleep to go to work on again for that night.

We are both unhappy about this, but we must accept it. Besides, he still has a job! Not like a lot of people in this state who are laid off, or the companies they worked for have moved to another state or just closed their doors. So I guess, even though I'm complaining about it, and I'm still not happy, I will try to make the best of it and thank the good Lord that he is still gainfully employed and bringing home a paycheck every week.

BTW, the above photo is part of the process of manufacturing office furniture which is what hubby does for a living.


Anonymous said...

Clamps. Boy, we have lots of those. All kinds. You would never think there were so many types of clamps.

Sorry Hubby is back on second. I can understand at least partly about the going to stuff alone. If I were closer, I would go with you.

Many hugs

Lori said...

I'm sorry, Martie. Although at least it's not third shift...second shift is a tough one.

I can relate to a degree. My husband is on call 24/7 as he works in emergency management so he rarely goes to out of town things with me and is always at his job's "beck and call". Our lives consist of pagers, scanners, radios and phones which go off at all times of the day and night. It is what it is....but that doesn't mean I have to like it!

Hugs to you!

Renee said...

Sorry about that Martie. I don't miss the days of feeling like a single mom, that's for sure. I hope they don't return anytime soon. But you never know...