Saturday, June 14, 2008

A good omen!

This is a partial rainbow that I was able to capture after the rains Friday evening, June 13, 2008! I know it's not the greatest picture of a rainbow or even the greatest rainbow I have ever seen, but it's the first rainbow that I have seen this season and it was just in front of my house. I am hoping that this is a good omen and means that the flooding rains and terribly severe weather is mostly behind us. Well, I can always hope, right? It seems as if we have been hammered by every severe storm that they have predicted so far this spring. I know the rain is good and we need it as bad as the farmers do, but sometimes you can get too much and the fields are under water too long and that damages the crops as much as a drought does. So I am praying that the severe weather is over and we will just get the normal amount of rain needed to keep everything growing fine for the farmers and us to help ensure that the price of food doesn't go up much higher than it already is!

On a much brighter note, I am the proud owner of a new(to me anyway) 2005 black Chevy Cobalt. And guess what? It has air conditioning! I haven't had A/C in over three years, so I am extremely happy about it! It is a basic car, no bells and whistles.....meaning no power windows, seats or door locks. But crank windows are fine with me and the car is small enough that if I stretch I can lock all the doors without having to walk around the car, open the doors, push the lock button down and close the door. The following is a photo of it:

Kind of a sporty looking car for someone who just turned 62. But, I think I may be entering into my second childhood.............albeit there are those I'm sure, who will tell you that I never outgrew the first one! Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

I like the picture with its beautiful hues of pink and purples. Congrats on the car! Very nice - I like it.


Renee said...

Pretty rainbow, Martie! We just saw one here the other day and John M. was so excited. I love your new little car. Great gas mileage, eh?

Lori said...

We've been getting hit by storms here, too. We just got a lot of hail damage to our house on Thursday night. I'm ready for a rainbow of my own!

I love your new car! It is so cute and you're going to save big on gasoline. I'd love to have a little car like that. Though I love our Expedition, it's a gas monster.

chesneygirl said...

Cute car! It looks perfect for you! :)
and YAAAAAY for the A/C!!!

Pearl said...

That looks like a really fun car.
It does look rather sporty. Hope you are wearing a very cool pair of sunglasses when you get behind the wheel.

Sending you bunches of hugs,

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