Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eighteen Years!

This coming Monday, hubby and I will have been married 18 years. This picture shows what those 18 years has brought us! We are missing two members of our family, but this is the closest we have ever gotten enabling us to gather everyone together in one place for a family picture. Although it isn't formal photography, it is a natural look at us as a group.

This past eighteen years has brought us many other things as well. Many more happy times and memories, some sadness in losing a grandchild to stillbirth, serious illnesses and, thankfully, recovery from all of them. Some financial difficulties for some, engagements, weddings, many birthdays to celebrate and more good times than bad. We are quite a group......I am glad that we met, fell in love, and blended our families to form the unit we have become! I pray that we have many more years together and that we always cherish each other and what we have.


Barbara Doduk said...

18 Years! Wow. I am jealous.

Happy to see you sporting my lovely Spreader of Love Award... with a big family like that there clear is a lot of love in your life!

Barbara @ The Love Blog

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely photo! Happy Anniversary! Hugs

Lori said...


Happy Anniversary!