Saturday, April 19, 2008


I just discovered that this is my 313TH post here. I guess I let the 300TH post roll right past with out giving it any notice at all. Oh well, on with the current one.

These are my daffodils that bloomed the other day. I love these flowers. They are so bright and cheerful they make me smile just to see them. I wonder if that's what they mean by "Flower Power"! LOL Most all of the flowers have begun to grow. My lilacs have little tiny flower buds and I can't wait for them to open and to smell the lovely fragrance they send out. I wish I could be sure the frosts are all done so I could purchase some flowers and plant them, but I better wait until the end of May as usual. It is a very pleasant day here today, with a high of 77ยบ outside, partly sunny at the present time, but I can see what looks like an overcast sky moving in. Probably bringing rain ;( , but without April showers, we won't have any May flowers so I guess it's a good thing.

Things have been very busy around here lately. My job sometimes feels more like full time than part time as I am covering for the gals I job share with when they can't be there. Yesterday on of sister-in-laws had surgery and wouldn't be home in time to get her kids off the bus, so I drove 60 miles one way in order for someone to be there when they got out of school. It's a good thing too. She never got home until between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. Another sister-in-law had a stent placed in her heart on Thursday and came home from the hospital yesterday. And a brother-in-law was in the hospital for almost a week while they tried to discover what was wrong with him. They did CT scans, MRI's and even a spinal tap. They never did figure it out and sent him home once he was fever free and the pain had lessened.

Today two of the grand children, David and Amber, both had a sporting event they wanted me to attend. I made neither of them. I did receive a phone call from Amber's mom about 1/2 hour after her soccer game had begun to tell me Amber had been injured and was on the way to an ER. She got hit in the face with the ball and the coach seemed to think that her nose was broken, but they couldn't be sure with all the swelling and the bleeding wouldn't stop. I have since received a call that at least it isn't broken, but she is continuing to bleed somewhat. I'm sure she will be fine and they will call if anything happens and she has to return to the hospital.

Well, today is much too nice to be sitting inside on the computer and I have a lot of housework to finish and grocery shopping to do. So, I am off to get things done!


Anonymous said...

We had a thunderstorm and shower last night, which was a relief. The pollen has about driven me mad - eyes watering, nose itching and running - even my ears itch! I noticed yesterday my nose was peeling - I guess from all the wiping of tissues. Maybe that's some of the meaning flower power...that pollen will kick your buttocks! LOL I forgot to mention the sneezing too.

Sorry about Amber and all the others in the hospital. A huge get well soon for everyone.


Renee said...

Yikes, that ball to the nose must have hurt! I hope she's doing okay now. I love daffodils. I wish I had some to look at.

Lori said...

You ARE a busy lady! I wrote along those same lines this evening.

I'm glad you took some time to get outside, has been so pretty outside!

Glad little Amber's nose isn't broken...poor little thing! I know you hate to miss their events, but she knows how much you love her.