Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Most of the snow from the previous post has melted and upon examining the ground around the house, I have found, much to my delight, the new shoots of my day lilies poking through the dirt as if lifting their heads to see if it is really spring and to test the air and see just how warm that sunshine is. These pictures are from last year and I am anxious for color and that is why I am posting them. It is so hard to wait!

I can't wait to be able to get outside and plant my morning glory seeds and start working those flower beds to get them ready for planting. I love flowers growing in my yard. I hate having to pull the weeds, but seeing all the pretty colors is worth the weed pulling. I'm hoping I don't have such a problem with the rabbits eating my flower petals this year. I'm going to try the cayenne pepper sprinkled about in the hopes of keeping them away. Some one told us last year to lay our garden hose around the area and the rabbits wouldn't cross it, thinking it was a snake. Well, it may have worked for them but it sure didn't fool or scare the bunnies away from my flowers! At one point they had stripped every petal off the petunias.

Now that the snow is almost gone, I can also see where those pesky moles have been pushing the dirt up. I didn't know they remained active under all that snow! We have gotten a recipe containing hot sauce to mix up and that is supposed to drive them out. I'm hoping it does. I know they are here because they like to eat the grubs underground and we could use a chemical of some sort to kill the grubs and deplete the moles favorite dinner, but I would rather not have to resort to chemicals. There are enough environmental issues and contamination already and I really don't want to be a contributor of any more.

So I am hoping we have had our last significant snowfall and spring has really sprung!


Anonymous said...

We are patiently waiting for any sign of spring too! I haven't seen any buds or anything yet. I wouldn't even have know it was spring yet if I hadn't seen a bunch of robins the other day. This was one of the crappiest winters EVER!! Come on warmer temps! ~ Nelly

Tracy said...

Dude, you got me excited for a moment. I thought those were recent pictures (still kind of groggy from the flu)! I was jealous you had flowers coming up and I didn't!! Then it dawned on me....We Live in the same freaking state, these are not "real time" flowers!!! LOL!!!

I have a pussywillow tree though in my yard and it has lots of buds!! There is another threat of snow tomorrow night and Friday morning, but who knows!

Anonymous said...

at least you got something!

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Pearl said...

My lilies are on the way here. I always no we reached spring when I see those start popping up.

Sending your buches of hugs,

Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you plenty of color...asap! Wow about the hot stuff. But sounds like a cool idea. (pun intended)


chesneygirl said...

By the sound of tomorrow's forecast for 1-3 inches of SNOW, I'd say it hasn't sprung just yet.