Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Since I am anxious for spring, I am showing some flowers from last spring!

A lot has been going on since I've even had a chance to write here.

I found out that we are expecting a new grandchild in the fall (that will make 19....total), I started a part time job but the training was full time. With that said, I want to praise all of you who work full time outside the home and are raising children at the same time. I don't know how you manage to accomplish both. Just working full time for one week about did me in and I had no little ones to deal with. Yes, I know I am older, but still it is very taxing to be working and still have to keep up your home and then throw in the multitude of tasks of dealing with the demands of small children and, in my opinion, it becomes almost impossible. So, hats off to you who can pull it off! I know I worked when my kids were teenagers and that was difficult at times too, and I WAS younger then. Maybe that's the key........younger means more energy. Getting old certainly isn't for sissy's! But I could do an entire post on growing older, so I'll save that for another time.

One of our grand daughters turned 13........that makes 3 teen-age grand children now. Her birthday was St. Patrick's day, but we celebrated it on Saturday late afternoon and evening with a birthday dinner and cake and ice cream...........all with a St. Patrick's Day theme, of course. That's what she chooses every year. The girl loves green, one of her favorite colors!

We just found out yesterday that our daughter, who lives in Kentucky, will be coming up for a visit in May over Memorial Day weekend. That will be nice.............I haven't seen them since last April when my sis-in-law and I took her two and one of my grand daughters, Amber, down for a few days visit. Hubby hasn't seen them for about a year and a half now with all the overtime he has been working. Hopefully he will be able to have some time off when they are here and really get to fit a nice visit in.

I think it is almost spring here. Most of the snow in our yard has melted but there is still a lot on the ground at my neighbors to the west of me. Maybe he has more shade in his yard! The buds on the maple trees, lilac bushes and forsythia are peeking there heads out and the pussy willow bush is starting to get those soft little thingies (I don't know what you call them, nor do I know the proper name of the pussy willow bush). I haven't seen any signs of my lilies popping up or the tulips or daffodils, but I'm sure there still there awaiting the right time to show themselves. After all, the official first day of spring is only two days away now. Hooray for March 20TH!


Rachel said...

Mema, we were up in July for the over the 4th last year. Your mind is going. Anyways, can't wait to see everyone.

martie said...

You are absolutely right, Rach! See, I told you I was getting old! LOL.........but it seems like it's been forever since we saw you last! I guess we must miss you and that's a good thing, right! Love you, sweetie!

chesneygirl said...

BRING ON SPRING!!!!! Woo hoo!!

Naive told us a little bit about your new job last weekend... good for you! :)

Anonymous said...

We have pollen. The dogwoods are also blooming.

Happy Easter! Hugs

McSwain said...

Those are gorgeous! We don't get lilacs here--it doesn't get cold enough. We had them in my yard in Oregon when I was growing up, and looking at this picture I can almost smell them. Thank you. :)

Sarah said...

From another Michigander.... I can't wait for spring!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

I love lilacs. Like iris, they don't bloom nearly long enough, though.

I think we're all anxiously awaiting for the beauty of spring. Chance of snow here on Easter...winter just doesn't want to let go!

Pearl said...

I had no idea you had 18 grandchildren. You could have one big Easter Egg hunt for sure.
Exciting about the new baby on the way.
I am so excited that my tulips are starting to pop out of the ground. It will be nice to see home fresh flowers.

Good luck with your new job. I know you will do well.

Sending lots of hugs,