Saturday, January 05, 2008


Today has been a busy day. Well, all week has but I suspect that with school starting and people being back to work it will begin to calm down more. Of course, the week is virtually over anyway being that it is Saturday at 9:50 PM!

New Years Day my grandson, Steve, stopped by for a visit with his girlfriend, Lindsay. Lindsay lives in New Hampshire and flew in the day after Christmas to spend the week with Steve and his family. She is a very sweet gal and Steve's mom and step-dad and sister and little Drew think the world of her too! She was also here at Thanksgiving for a visit. Pretty nice of her parents to let her come for two holidays; well, three if you count the day after Christmas. She did stay home and celebrate Christmas with her parents and brother. This is a photo of them sitting on my love seat.........

Today, Drew got here a little after 1 PM. Emily had a competitive cheer leading thing going on at a local high school and we all knew that there's no way Drew would be able to sit that long and watch. So the only option was for him to come and spend some time with the "Mema"! He left about 5:30 PM............

and I prepared for the next round of the sandbox set to arrive. Harley and Hunter got here about 6:30 PM, done with supper, baths and the donning of pajamas to spend the night. Easy stuff when they are all ready for bed and they are only going to be up for a couple hours and then go to bed and have Dad and Virginia coming back in the morning as soon as I call them.

The photo of Drew is last years and the photo of Harley is from Christmas Day. The one of Hunter was from last March when he was here for an over night visit.

I'm thinking of installing one of those revolving doors they have in some of the stores...........what do ya think?


Ame said...

Ahhh ... and miss the excitement of actually ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door?!!!

Pearl said...

You are just too sweet!!!


Anonymous said...

I think it is just so nice that you have all these people in your life. It seems so homey and cozy. I'm alone so much that visiting your blog is like entering a world of family. It's nice.


clew said...

Steve's hair looks awesome! And he looks so happy :)

We used to tell my old roommate we were going to install a revolving door for her bedroom, but that's kinda a different story ... ;)

Sorry, I'm feeling ornery tonight.

MISS YOU! I'd be there a bunch too if I were closer - you make great bacon ;)! xxoo

chesneygirl said...

Wow! I can't believe how long Steve's hair has gotten!!!

Well at least Lindsay cheers for the right baseball team... love the Tigers hat! LOL