Tuesday, January 08, 2008

American Veterans

Today, I took my husband's uncle to the Veteran's Facility in Grand Rapids for his eye doctor appointment. I left the house at 12:10 PM and returned home at 5:20 PM. That's how long it took. Yes, he had an appointment for 1:45, and never got in to see them until just after 2:30. Then they needed to put drops in his eyes and sent him back out into the waiting area until the drops took effect. Which consisted of at the least another 30 minutes.

While sitting there, I had a lot of time to do some people watching. And I am appalled at the way some of our veterans are treated. Oh, I don't mean by the medical staff there or any of the other staff working at this facility, but by others waiting to be seen by which ever department they were there for. Or maybe it was the people waiting with the other vets........their drivers or care givers perhaps.

I actually witnessed one couple chuckling and making rude comments about the apparel of one of the veterans walking by. Okay, maybe his pants were a little short, maybe he was in need of haircut, maybe his shoes and coat were way out of date, but those making the comments have no idea what this veterans background or living conditions might be. And I believe the man waiting with the woman was a veteran himself. And from the looks of him from better circumstances than the man they were making fun of. It really upset me. I mean, these veterans have made sacrifices for our country to make sure we have the opportunity to remain living in a free society and this is the way they get treated. Shame on those people for not giving the proper respect to this old veteran that he deserved in spite of his appearance and/or living arrangements at the present time.

We would all do well to remember 'but by the grace of God, there go I'!

Let me thank every single veteran who has fought or served in what ever manner to protect my rights and freedom and apologize for those with little sense to be able to offer recognition when it is deserved. And to those of you who passed by me without a smile, I hope the smile I gave you lifted your spirits just a little.


Ame said...


clew said...

That's pretty shameful. I am always sure to at the very least give a courteous smile to anyone I perceive as a vet. They are all heroes, and may God bless them.

Anytime my hub sees soldiers in a restaurant we are in, he will buy their meal for them to thank them, and will shake their hands and thank them verbally as well.

We owe everything about our lives to vets.

Spellcaster said...

I not only agree with you but Clew as well. My family is full of vets and I can't imagine not giving any of them the respect they deserve.

Anonymous said...

The sacrifice of a Veteran in my opinion deserves the utmost respect.


Pearl said...

Very well said my friend. I would have had a hard time keeping my mouth shut if I had seen such behavior. I have no patience for ugliness like that...


chesneygirl said...

Aw, Martie, your smile AND your kind words ALWAYS lift my spirits!!

Love you!


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