Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wow, it's quiet! Too quiet!

Okay.....the visit is over! I guess I need to tell Slick, Nelly, and Chesney Girl how sorry I am that they didn't receive the invite in the mail. I'm sure they must have gotten lost.....errr, yeah, that's it, that's what happened! Okay, not true!

Clew's hubby was coming up this way to pick up a snowmobile he had purchased and they thought it would be a great time for Clew, Mr. Clew and Incrediboy to visit Naive and family and get the boys together to see how they would react. There was only one problem...Drew had been sick and not sleeping at night for more than an hour or two and Naive and Mr. Naive were exhausted. Clew and Mr. Clew weren't due to arrive until between midnight and 1:00 AM. NO ONE wanted Naive and Mr. Naive and Drew to miss the chance to get some much needed rest and since I only live about a mile from Naive and Clew knows me already, it would be best if they stayed here Friday night.

They arrived between midnight and 12:30AM and Incrediboy woke up some and they stayed up for a short visit and then turned in. My hubby had to get up at 2:30AM to get ready for work and never even heard them come in. My dog, Prancer, didn't even bark......but they brought a 'KID' in and she loves kids!

I woke at 7:15 AM and decided to get up and turn the coffee pot on. They awoke shortly after around 8 AM and came down for coffee and a breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Everyone then showered and Mr. Clew left to drive to another city to pick up his snowmobile and Clew, Incrediboy and I waited for the call from Naive stating they were up and ready for company. So we headed over there to see how the boys would react to each other. They were a little shy at first and neither one wanted to share, but hey, they are only 2 and 3, what do you expect? They didn't do too badly and they settled down to play. I left to go home and await hubby's return from work.

A couple hours later, the phone rang and it was Naive telling me that they would all like to go out and get a bite to eat and the "boys" wanted to come to stay at "Camp Grandma" and would I take them. Of course I said 'yes' and they brought them over and then left to eat. The boys played well, and no one cried upon the parents departure......thank goodness!!! They had some supper and then played some more, but it was evident that they were both tired!

While watching Monster Trucks on TV, Incrediboy fell asleep on my lap and Drew just stood nearby staring at the TV. Naive then called to say they were in the driveway and we opened the big garage door to let them in.....and subsequently back out.

Now, my house is quiet....almost eerily so! I think I like the hustle and bustle of two little boys fighting over the same toy to this kind of quiet......maybe I'll have to borrow them again.....SOON!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the visit went well. I love the smell of coffee but don't drink it. Pancakes/bacon- the best breakfast!

Ame said...

that is so much fun :) i love that you're like this - so warm and inviting that clew knew she could come in like this - a beautiful expression of your great character!

clew said...

We had such a nice visit!!! Hubby just loves you, Martie, and Incrediboy is already asking to go back to Mema's! :)

We all miss you! XOXOXO

slick said...

Awwww....even gave'em a breakfast too? Wow. When I can I come??

Glad you all had a nice time Martie!

chesneygirl said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day!!!

I was thinking about you all, all day.

...and how sweet of you to open up Camp Grandma for them to go to dinner. You're the BEST, Martie!!

Smalltown RN said...

Oh Martie...aka "Mema"...sounds like a wonderful time...I know what you mean...after my kids leave the house is so still...I love having the house full....great post my friend...thank you so much for sharing....and I am glad to hear Drew is on the mend!!!


Nelly said...

Tears are a flowin' over here at camp nelly! :*(

I wish I could have been there! Sounds like a blast even if it was only for a day. Glad you guys were able to hang out!

Ame said...

i've tried to send you two emails tonight, but they keep returning back to me :(

want to let you know - we did make it to church tonight - and we all three LOVED it!!!!! in the words of youngest, "it was perfect!" THAT is amazing :) THAT is God :)

JD's Rose said...

Ahhh, I say just walk down the street and steal some one else's kids... you never know, they may appreciate it!

Rebecca said...

That's awesome! Sounds like you guys had a great visit... :) Sniff, sniff... ;)

Kidding! Hope you guys get to do it again soon!