Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting old....who me?

Today, the ninth of January, my oldest grandchild, Steven turned 18! on earth did that happen? When did I get old enough to have a daughter old enough to have an 18 year old child? I don't feel old....maybe a little, but only on the outside....the inside still feels very young!

I sit here amazed at how fast time seems to slip by. I remember the day we were at the hospital awaiting the birth of this, our first grandchild. He was born by emergency C-section and I was the second one to hold him. His father was the first. I got to hold him before his Momma even did! His father's mom was also there, but she thought since I was the mother of the 'momma' I should hold him before she did. That was awfully nice of her as I know how eager she was to get her hands on this darling shared grandson. It was a little like holding my first child, this new baby's momma, all over again. He was so perfect, so loved, so wanted!

As he grew, slowly it seemed at first, he needed me to be his playmate when he came to stay at 'Grandma's' house while his parents occasionally went out or ran errands. Darkwing Duck was a popular cartoon at that time and this wonderful little boy was infatuated with this show. He pretended to be Darkwing Duck. On the show, Darkwing Duck (DW) had a sidekick called Launchpad. In Steven's interpretation of DW, he had his 'sidepick, Yawnchpad' (his words)! And I was Yawnchpad! I played along, a willing participant in his 3 year old fantasy! Not only a willing participant, but a willing participant who thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the 'pretending'!

Happy Birthday, 'Darkwing', with tons of love from your 'sidepick, Yawnchpad'!


JD's Rose said...

Happy Birthday to Steven!

It is bizzaar the way that ages in families work... My mother's SIL (my Aunty) is 4 months pregnant, so her baby will be younger than JellyBean. BUT, she is the same age as Mr JDR, so we are often seen out with them. Go on... work that one out! And there are no extended or broken families!

Anonymous said...

Time goes so quickly...but you will always be Yawnchpad!

Happy Birthday to Steven.

Take care,

Tracy said...

Time goes by really fast. Glad you have wonderful memories to keep you young!

Hope your feeling better today!

Nelly said...

Glad you feel young Martie! That's what counts! Happy b-day to Steven too! GOSH! Naive must feel old! Sorry Naive! hee hee

Slick said...

You're only as old as you feel...or is you're as young as you feel? Hell, I don't know but it's true, right??

Minus the fading eyesight and hearing.


Happy Birthday goes out to DW! I'm sure he's thankful for his Yawnchpad everyday :)

Ame said...

perhaps one of the reasons time seems to fly is that we never feel as old on the inside as we do on the outside :)

wow - that's awesome . . . you're a great grandma ;)

Renee said...

Aww . .happy birthday to Darkwing! Hey, I remember that cartoon. Does that make me old too?!

chesneygirl said...

Renee MUST be old, since I don't remember that cartoon and I'm not much younger than her. Hee Hee!

Anyway, what a sweet post!

I was thinking about this just the other day...Naive with an 18 year old! Wow!
I have 15.5 years to go and it feels like forever away!
Three of my best friends from high school have kids that will all be 13 years old this spring. I can't imagine that.

Bill Scott, Sr. said...


Your email keeps bouncing...did you get a new email address?

Michael said...

Happy Birthday to the youngster.

I'm sure that he cherishes all of those moments that you do, I know that I remember all of the time I spent with my Grandmother and think of them even now as I'm writing this.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Darkwing! And, those are awesome memories Yawnchpad! :)

martie said...

jd's rose - wow, quite an age span in your family, huh?

Connie ~ thanks for the birthday wishes for my big DW!

Tracey and Nelly ~ yeah, I'm thankful that only the outside of me feels old and not my mind! Thanks

Slick ~ I hope he'll always remember Yawnchpad too. Thanks for thinking I'm not 'old'

ame ~ I love being a grandma and in your eyes a 'great' one at that! Thanks for the compliment.

Renee ~ Dont' admit to too many that you remember Darkwing....someone might think you're older than you look!

Ches ~ You should remember that cartoon, you're older than Steven and HE remembers it......or are you trying to forget remembering so you're not considered old....LOL

Bill ~ yeah, I have a new e-mail address, I'll send it to you!

Michael ~ thanks for dropping by for a visit....please feel free to return, you are always welcome here.

the editor ~ I hope he will carry those memories with him into his "old age" as well.

V said...

You are not old! You just have experience! :)

Happy bithday to him and huge hugs across that big lake from NY.

clew said...

Happy Birthday Steven!

I know this young man - he's exceptional :)

Good genes! :D

Smalltown RN said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson...but I know what you mean....a blink of an eye and they are all grown up with babe of their own....cherish the moment and the time we have with them...

Cheers my dear friend

Rebecca said...

Wow....18. Amazing how quickly time flies, isn't it? He's a man now. Unbelievable.

Happy Birthday to him!
And remember - age is only a state of mind!!!

JD's Rose said...

Merry Weekend Martie!


JD's Rose said...

Hey Martie,
I'm trying to send you an email but the email adress I have is bouncing. Can you flick me something please?