Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jan. 2, 2007

Today Gerald R. Ford arrives in Grand Rapids to be laid in his final resting place at the Gerald R. Ford Museum. I watched some of the funeral service on television from Washington DC earlier.

Now I am listening to the sky above my home in southwest Michigan reverberate with the sound of several airplanes. I wonder if this is what the skies over Hawaii sounded like on that fateful day in December now known as Pearl Harbor Day? It is not time for the plane to land at the airport in Grand Rapids several miles away from me as of yet. I can only assume that the planes in the sky are some form of security making sure it is safe for those landing at the airport to do so. They are not due to land until about 2:15 PM and the motorcade will proceed down Patterson,a street near the airport that will be closed to other traffic at around 2:00 PM. My hubby works near the airport and this street closure will effect his drive home. He gets out of work around 3:00 PM.....my thoughts are that he will be a bit late today.

Having had my first husband and the father of my children pass away back in 1975 I can understand how difficult this is and I can't help but think that Mrs. Ford just wishes all this were over and she could have some privacy. And yet, this is such an historical event that she must see the need to share it with the public.

Rest In Peace Gerald R. Ford


Slick said...

That's the sad part for family members of highly publicized people. The need for coverage against the need for privacy.

There's no way to balance the two.

I just hope the public can quickly step back and let her lead her own life. Which they will....but sooner rather than later.

Keep the meatloaf warm for the hubby Martie! :)

V said...

This mad me sad!!!

Love you my dear!

Anonymous said...

Gerald Ford was a good man. I learned last week that he played football. Also, his son Steven was an actor on The Young and the Restless.

Ame said...

i like your tender perspective

JD's Rose said...

I think things like this are sad for any wife and child, but to have to share your pain with the rest of the world would be so so tough.


Smalltown RN said...

I like how you said it Martie..gentle and sencere...I can hear it in your words. I hope hubby isn't to late and that the two of you settle in for a nice evening.

Cheers my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is something that needs to be shared with the public but my they do make it so long for the family. I am sure they are exhausted in every way possible. So sad.

Take care my friend,

clew said...

Been thinking about you and yours today as President Ford was brought back to GR to rest.

Was also thinking about watching President Reagan's funeral a few years ago, and on many of the same thoughts you had here.

Miss you!

chesneygirl said...

Just like Clew, I was thinking about you guys too!

I have been feeling bad for Mrs. Ford having to go through all of this just to lay her husband to rest. Sad.

Tracy said...

What I thought was so amazing, was that his children stood and shook hands with the "common" people who were coming to pay respects to their father. What an awsome family unit. If only the rest of the world could act that way and be respectful to one another. He was a good man and has a family he could be so proud of!