Friday, November 03, 2006

Update on Amy

Amy is out of surgery and doing okay right now. We don't have the results of the golf ball size tumor they removed but the doctor thinks it is benign. We are praying he is right about that. They also found a hole in her heart that she must have been born with and went undiagnosed for her entire life, and they were able to repair that. So, if the tumor is benign she should feel better than she has in a long time in spite of having Cystic Fibrosis.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for Amy and her family!


Connie and Rob said...

Dear Martie,
I am so very sorry to hear about Amy. This must just be a really nerve racking time for you. Hope you are taking care of yourself with all this going on. Try and get some rest this weekend.

I am looking forward to your next post telling me that the tumor was benign.


Renee said...

Poor thing. It's bad enough that she had one thing, but then they found another. Good to hear that she's doing well and I'll continue to keep her in my prayers.

V said...

Oh wow. I had no access to my bloggies yesterday so I missed this. I'll still keep her in my prayers thru her recovery.


Shayna said...


Just want you to know that Amy will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Martie. I will continue to keep Amy in my prayers. Hugs!

Ame said...


Smalltown RN said...

Oh I hope the doctors are right. I had a niece lost her battle to CF last year she was 21. I pray for good things to come Amy's way.

Nelly said...

Sending good healthy vibes her way. Keep us posted Martie.

Rebecca said...

Well, the good news is she'll be feeling better and hopefully this was benign. :) Additionally, it's funny - it seems that they're finding out about these holes in the hearts with alot of people. Seems like it's more common of a condition than they once thought. But it's important to know, so they can take precautions regarding it.

Thinking happy and positive thoughts for her to be happy and healthy.... and for you all. :)


PS: Shayna is my Mom. :)

Ruben said...

Amy will be in my prayers.

chesneygirl said...

Amy is in my thoughts and prayers.

Technology is wonderful isn't it?

Ame said...

how is everyone today?