Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I might as well have a job!

I say that because I had to get up this morning at 5:36. My phone rang and it was hubby telling me that he and his truck were stranded at the gas station on the hill near the freeway and could I come and get him. I wasn't happy about being awakened, but I put a smile on my face and told him sure. I put on the smile figuring he was already upset enough being stranded. You see, his son had his truck the entire time he was up deer hunting and was fixing it for him. I'm sure he is now thinking that if he fixed it, why isn't it working right?

Well, I threw a coat over some sweat pants and the t-shirt I sleep in and figured I would go get him and he would bring me back home and take my car to work. Wrong! I didn't know that he would drive to his work and then I would have to drive back home. Had I known he was running late (or thought he was anyway) I would have put some clothes on and at least taken a cup of coffee with me! He was afraid he would be late for work so he didn't want to take the time to deliver me back home. And it turned out that he was 15 minutes early for work so he could have taken me home, saving me from the 20 mile trip in to work and back. Gheeeez!

Now it has become my job to contact our son and tell him where the truck is located. If it wouldn't start for hubby I don't know what makes him think it will start for our son!

The above picture is not of hubby. It is one I found on the net!


chesneygirl said...

What a bummer, Martie!!

Believe me, I KNOW how frustrating car/truck problems are....been there WAAY too many times.
I hope it gets worked out quickly for you guys!

Slick said...

Yuck...that sucks.

So now you have to go get him too at the end of the work day?

Vehicle problems s.u.c.k.

But look, you're a good wife. Are you giving lessons because I want to sign someone up! :) HA!

V said...

That just sucks!!!

We are barley hanging with 2 cars and we need 2 cars! my car just lost its heat and with winter coming, YAY! BLAH BLAH


martie said...

CG - yep, it's a bummer to have vehicle trouble but at least we have vehicles! ;)

Slick - He called and he's getting a ride home, so I don't have to go pick him up...whew! As for lessons, I don't really think she needs them. Besides, us older women do things so much differently then the younger ones!

V - Yep. My car is a '91 Chevy and his truck is a '94 GMC....neither is very new, but they have been good to us. Sometimes they've needed major repairs but hubby can usually fix them but it is a big inconvenience!

Rebecca said...

MEN. They just don't know how to troubleshoot on their own.... ;)

Cheer up!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow 5:36 am is early! The birds aren't even chirping at that time. I hope the truck is back up and running soon with little cost to repair it.

Anonymous said...

What we do for love eh! I know my hubby called with an SOS today as well. His dad had locked the keys in the truck and it was -5 celcius out...had to go help him out....shouldn't I? LOL....

Hope you had a grand day and thanks from dropping by to say hi!


Ame said...

oh, that catch 22 - wonder why it never works ;)

JD's Rose said...

Now that you are back to getting up early, do you want to come over and do the morning shift with JellyBean for me? Pretty please?!


Connie and Rob said...

Dear Martie,
You are always the busiest lady I know. Thank goodness you are there for everyone cause I don't know what they would do without you!! You are so good hearted my friend.