Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm off again!

Well, I'm leaving for Kentucky on Wednesday morning. I'll only be gone a few days. We are making the trip down to finally meet our 5 1/2 month old grandson. We are looking forward to holding him and seeing his reaction to us.

The usual granddaughter is going with us as well as our dog. They both travel well, but have not had to share a backseat for such a long road trip before.

I have posted some new pictures of my trip to Denver for you all to see while I'm in Kentucky. I'll try to take pictures of the mountains there too and not just my grandchildren. Our daughter's other two are 6 and 4 and we haven't seen them for a year. I'm sure they've grown!

Be back on Saturday!


Rebecca said...

Enjoy!!! And give that baby TONS of hugs and kisses. :) He'll just love you!

Great photos of your trip, btw. I'm sorry I've been having such difficulty posting... See, aren't you glad that you went? :)

Looking forward to some really great shots of the little guy! Have fun..... :)
Hugs -

Ame said...

Ohhhhh ... you're gonna have SO much fun!!!

Connie and Rob said...

Have lots of fun and get lots of hugs. Hope you have a safe trip.

Take care,

chesneygirl said...

Have a wonderful time!!!
Babies are so fun!
Looking forward to more pictures! :)

Nelly said...

Have fun...be safe!

HoBess said...

Sounds as though Denver was everything you hoped and more ... so glad you had such a wonderful visit. Now off to meet a whole new person! Happy, safe travels to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a GREAT time! Look forward to your return.

clew said...

Hi Martie! I'm back when you are. I've missed you! Hope you enjoy your trip.