Monday, July 31, 2006


We, along with half of the country, are under a heat wave! Today the temp is supposed to reach 95 degrees with a heat indices of 110. But, it's summer! What do we expect? I think the environmentalist who have been screaming about global warming and all the pollution we have put in the air, are forgetting about the heat waves in the past centuries.......could they blame those heat waves on global warming?

I leave these thoughts with a message I saw on a sign out front of a local church:

"You think it's hot HERE?"


chesneygirl said...

You surely won't hear me complaining!
I LOVE this kind of heat! LOVE.

But I hope that doesn't mean I'm headed somewhere where it's HOTTER! (all the time) ;)

Nelly said...

Holy hottness! I'm hearin ya all the way in Macomb!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's hot. But that's summer- baseball, hot dogs and heatwaves. :)

Ame said...

You know ... I wonder the same thing ... "It's the worst drought in fifty years!" "It broke the record high from 1937!"

Uhhhh .... DUHHHHH!!!!!

If it was that hot or dry back then????????? What's so different about now?????????

Although ... I have noticed that it has not been as normally cold in the winter when it is not as normally hot in the summer ... maybe we'll have a good, cold winter?!

Connie and Rob said...

When it is hot in Michigan, it is really hot! I always think of you being a little cooler but I can see that is a fairy tale. I guess you are going to have to cool off in one of those beautiful lakes you have there.

Take care,

Mindless Dribbler said...

95 in Michigan. That's hell on earth anyway isn't it?? :)

Rebecca said...

Ayup. It's pretty darn hot here in Boston.

But truly - I remember when it was like this here all summer long - not just for a few days. It's amazing how the weather pattern has changed, and so now when it's warm for a few days, it's like chaos!!!

Anyway - hope you're staying cool!

Anonymous said...
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