Monday, June 05, 2006

A little of this, a little of that!!

I tried to post earlier today and something was wrong with blogger "again" and it's gone. And being pressed for time lately it is a big inconvenience to have to redo! Arrrgh!!

I'm having great difficulty trying to book a flight to Denver for the dates I need to be there. Well, that isn't entirely true. If I don't mind spending over $500.00 for one round trip ticket I wouldn't have any problem at all. But, being of "Dutch heritage" coupled with my bank account the answer isn't hard for me to figure out. Find cheaper tickets or stay home! I was able to find one airline that will sell me a ticket for under $300.00, but I have to change planes 3 times and stay overnight in an airport in a strange city, alone. I'm finding I'm not quite as adventurous as I used to be because that has absolutely no appeal.....not even for a chance to see my family!

On to the baby robins. They have all flown away. I was on my way out the other day to take a new picture to show you all how big they had gotten and the last one was sitting on the edge of the next and when I approached, that one flew off too! : ( At least I know they all made it and my wonderful pet and companion didn't eat any of them!

The newest grandbaby is doing well. Already I can see that he has gained some weight. Big brother hasn't asked to send him back yet either, which is a real plus!

Today is my oldest sisters wedding anniversary. Forty-two years for them. That's a great accomplishment in today's times. Also the 42nd anniversary of my graduation from high school. Man, I don't remember getting THAT old!!

Tomorrow, my little 4 year old granddaughter in Kentucky is having her tonsils out. I hope she does well. I will call her momma tonight and request that she call me tomorrow after the surgery to let me know how she did.

My next post will be my One Hundredth. I will have to finish that list soon!!


The Editor said...


I've not ever booked my own flight. The only flight I've taken was booked by my company due to it being a business trip. But, I've heard that sites like,, or are good sites to visit. You may have already done that but I thought that I would drop that in anyway. You never know.

You gave the baby Robins a nice nesting place. :) Now they are ready for the world.

I still have my tonsils and they are a pain literally! A couple of days ago I felt something strange in my throat, so I got a flashlight out to take a look. My left tonsil had white spots on it. Now those spots are gone. Go figure!


chesneygirl said...

I was going to tell you the same thing firebird said about websites to find cheaper airfare. GOOD LUCK!

That's so good that all the baby birds made it off okay! :)

June 5th is my parents anniversary too! They celebrated 35 years yesterday! :)

Rebecca said...

Hey this is weird. Ijust posted something and it's gone now!

Rebecca said...

Okay - basically what I said was that Blogger has been really weird lately. I haven't been able to get to sites outside of my own for three days now. :(

Congrats on the latest addition to your family!

I remember having my tonsils out when I was 5. I remember them giving me the anesthesia...I remember my hospital room, and eating lots of ice cream and pudding; but what I don't remember any more is what a sore throat feels like. Because I never had another one again -and that, is a good thing! :)

martie said...

rebecca - blogger has been acting up the last few days and it maddens me too!

cesneygirl - I booked a flight that leaves before I really wanted to and stays longer than I should, but the price was right. (Naive-no-more helped me with it! She's the best!!)

BF - I had tried most of those, but my daughter (naive-no-more) came over and helped me out. I'm going to Denver....yeeehaaa!! ;)

HoBess said...

I love that you kept us posted on the baby robins. I bet your heart did a little leap when that last one took flight.

My fingers are crossed (making it hard to type!) that the Denver tickets come through.