Thursday, December 01, 2005

Politically Correct?

There was an article in our local paper regarding the "politically correct" way to refer to what in my household is called the "Christmas Tree."

According to the article the correct way to refer to it is now the "Holiday Tree" so as not to offend anyone who is of a religious following that doesn't celebrate Christmas. WHAT? I am offended by this new wording! A local city is not having a Lighting of the Christmas Tree in the park this year. It is called just the Tree Lighting Ceremony.

The way I have it figured out is that since we can no longer refer to our Christmas Tree as such in public anymore then the press shouldn't be allowed to make any reference to anything to do with Kwanza or Menorraha's of the Jewish faith.

The Government is already trying to take any mention of God out of all public places and now they are trying to alter the way we refer to part of our traditional celebration of Christmas. How long are we going to stand by and allow this to happen. This is supposed to be a free country and to me that means being able to speak of things I wish to speak private or public....and not worry about sounding "politically correct".

Okay, I'm off my soapbox ~~~~~~~~for now at least!


Seabiscuit said...

A similar discussion was on a morning radio show that I listen to on my way into work. I feel that Christmas should be called Christmas. Some retailers go into the black due to Christmas. It is a major player in the economy. So, for that reason alone, if the government is relying so heavily on Christmas economically, then political correctness shouldn't be an issue. You can't have it both ways.

Take care Martie.

Nicole said...

I agree! I am offended with you!

Kwanza is Kwanza, a Menora is a Menora...a Christmas tree should always be a Christmas tree. Having respect for others also means that they should have respect for you and your beliefs.

I'll never understand why everything must be so 'politcally correct'...but maybe that's why I've lost all faith in government too.

Connie and Rob said...

It just is silly. I am not offended by any other religous holidays or beliefs. Why do people pick on Christmas.

Let it go people. Lets all just celebrate what we want and the way we want. Just don't participate if it is not your thing.

Sorry tripped over your soapbox.


martie said...


Thanks for stopping in for a visit. I appreciate your input in this and previous posts.

Stop by anytime and please don't trip...but feel free to join me "on" the soapbox whenever you feel like it!

Lori said...

I've heard that Target and Sears are no longer referring their December sales to "Christmas Sales" but "Winter Holiday Sales", or something of that nature. I say "Ba Humbug" to that! There are more people offended by omitting the word "Christmas" than by leaving things alone.

In our little town, we still say "God" and sing about the whole reason behind this glorious holiday.

clew said...

Would it be inappropriate for me to mention that the Christmas tree is actually a tradition based in pagan beliefs? It was assimilated into the Christian celebrations in order to help converts ease into their new religion. Same with the easter egg...

No point in adding that really, other than I'm a know-it-all ;) ... but I agree with you - if Christians are expected to make room for other observances (with which I have no problem, it's a wonderful thing to be an American and be able to observe whatever we want with freedom) I fully expect the same consideration from everyone else.

I for one am sick of having my toes stepped on while everyone else yells for their respect.

Nunzia said...

oh boy, this debate has been going on for too long now in D.C., especially. Funny that no one is trying to change the name of Easter (which is named after a pagan tradition) but they are so concerned about one that refers to Christianity...

naive-no-more said...

my 2 cents ~ Holiday means Holy Day, so if we call the tree that it isn't really secular. Either way we win!