Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Out with the old and in with the new.....

.....I think that's how that saying goes! It will be the New Year soon. I wonder what it will hold for my loved ones, family and friends! I hope it holds good health, happiness, stable jobs, and comfortable financial assets!

I need to take down all the Christmas decorations today. I've left them up longer than I usually do. I like to start the New Year out with a spic and span clean house which I always accomplish by putting all the decorations away, rearranging the furniture, vacuuming, mopping floors, etc. Maybe I should break away from that tradition this year. No one will really know but me anyway!

We still have the usual granddaughter with us. She is supposed to go home today but she called her mom last night when she found out that another grandchild (her 9 year old cousin) is coming tonight to spend a couple days with "mema and bumpa" and asked if she could stay. Her mother gave her permission and now she plans on staying until New Years Day. I think our youngest grandson, the one year old, will be coming today for us to watch while his mom does some errand running. We really enjoy having him.....he is so refreshing! I truly believe that grandchildren are Gods compensation for growing older!

We will probably spend New Years Eve very quietly sitting right here at home. We will be lucky if we are able to stay awake until midnight! We just don't feel the need to celebrate the way we did in our younger days.....after all, it is just another day.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


Lori said...

Happy New Year, martie! My decorations are all still up, too. It's hard for me to take them down 1) because I hate to see them go adn 2) because it takes SO long as I have more than the average bear!

Hope all is well in your world...sounds like a fun time w/ your grandchildren!

Bougie Black Boy said...

hm mmm. you've inspired me. I think --well, I know now, that I will not go out for new years this year. I will stay home, clean my apartment, get things spic and span clean as you said. Start the new year on the right foot.

clew said...

Sounds like a plan. Maybe I'll pack stuff up on new year's eve this season too.

Naaaaah. That would cut into my goofing off time.

Happy New Year Martie! XOXOX

Connie and Rob said...

We have a New Years Eve tradition to go to dinner with my brother and his wife early and be back in our homes with our jammies on by 8:00pm. We laugh about it every year cause we used to really go out and participate but you just reach an age where you say...been there, done that!

Hope you have a wonderful evening and enjoy your grandchildren. They are lucky to have you!


Seabiscuit said...

Happy New Year Martie!

Nicole said...

I think I've caught your cleaning bug!

Happy New Year Martie!