Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 23rd....almost the last hurray of summer 2011!

At least that's the way it seems to me.  Tom has been working second shift most if not all of this summer.  Usually 6 days a week.  Doesn't leave much time to spend together doing fun things.  On his only day off, Sunday, we use to go on adventure rides as I call them.  Now we spend them catching up on yard work, weather permitting.

We did have a nice 5 day get away this summer, but it seemed to end to quickly for my liking.  Wish it could have lasted longer.  Maybe it's because I'm retired ~ well, mostly anyway.  Sometimes they paper calls me in to fill in for someone who is on vacation or has called in sick or has a sick child.  In fact I worked yesterday because the gal I was filling in for had no sitter and knew she wouldn't, so this was set up quite some time ago.  A little extra spending money is always nice.  But with Tom working 2nd shift and me working days, I only see him if I wait up for him to come home.  That's what I'm doing tonight...he should be here around 1:30AM....overtime!

A storm blew in earlier tonight with lots of heavy rain, thunder and lightening.  I love thunder storms but am not allowed to enjoy them as in the past.  I have these 2 four-legged fur kids who do NOT like thunder and lightening.  As a matter of fact they are now smart enough that when it begins to rain they predict thunder and lightening by following me around where ever I go, including into the bathroom!  I comfort them as best I can and reassure them that everything will be fine and I am here and won't let anything happen to them.  I hope they're around long enough to return the favor to me when I get too old to walk around safely!


Anonymous said...

It seems to be in most dog's nature to not like thunderstorms. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

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