Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The New Year

Well, the new year arrived at it's usual time.  Like 'it' has any choice in the matter!  We had Amber and her friend Aubree here for New Year's Eve and Tom's Uncle John called and wanted us to go to dinner at Sam's Joint in Caledonia with him and his wife, Lisa.  When I asked the girls if they wanted to go to a movie, which we were planning on doing or go out to eat, they opted for dinner.  We all had a good time.  The girls sort of just hung out at one end of the table playing with Amber's I-Touch and ignored us for the most part.  That left us free of entertaining them and able to carry on a conversation with the adults.  We were home well before midnight and wished each other a Happy New Year as the ball hit the bottom at Times Square on TV.  We sat around and talked and laughed for another hour and then turned in.  I think the girls were awake much longer talking and tee heeing, as teen age girls will do.  Us older people just go to sleep!

Tom is still on first shift and there is talk of him having to go to second shift.  But that won't be as bad as third.  Third shift is really hard on him and trying to make the transition with the meds he must take.  If he has to go back on third, I'm pretty sure he will end up very sick and in the hospital.  But second won't be so bad, even though we both prefer first, we can deal with it if we have too.

Seems all the kids and grandkids are doing fine, well except for some who haven't gotten the best grades on report cards, but that isn't our problem anymore.  They have parents who must deal with that and we just get to enjoy them.  One of the many benefits of being a Grandparent!!


Anonymous said...

Keeping positive thoughts that hubby remains on 1st shift. And I think it is a boon of the benefits you have as a grandparent. I get similar benefits while watching kids at the Y pool. I am able to enjoy their playing but I have zero responsibility! :)

Ame said...

i used to look so forward to the future ... now, i know the present becomes the past way too soon :)