Friday, January 21, 2011

Arctic Blast!

Today an Arctic Blast hit our area.   It is sowing and blowing now and we have had up to about 2 1/2 inches of snow since around 10PM.  It is now 1:45AM and the Winter
Storm Watch is in effect until 5Pm Fri.  Saturday our high is supposed to be 11º with a windchill of 4º.  Sunday the temp is expected to be 5º with a windchill of -8º.  Now that's cold!  How I envy my younger sister already in Hawaii and my older sister leaving Wednesday for Hawaii.  Luckily for them they will miss most of this cold, frigid Arctic Blast that will stick around for about a week...........with increased snow fall.   Our Envoy (the only 4-wheel vehicle we have, needs parts and can't be driven until after it is fixed next weekend.)  So tonight, Tom heated the garage and rotated the tires on the Cobalt to put the tires with the best tread on the front since it is a front wheel drive car.  I hope he doesn't have too much trouble getting to work in the morning.  He has to travel on M-6, which isn't the best known for nice roads.  Fortunately the wind is coming from the west and since it is an east west road perhaps the snow won't accumulate and make it too slick.  If the wind changes directions there will be a lot of slide offs and accidents.  I am thinking there will be several school closings tomorrow morning.  I hope he is careful going to work as are my children and grandchildren!  Saying prayers that they will all be safe!

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Anonymous said...

That is simply horrible weather! I hope all travels are safe. I'm ready for spring. I was thinking yesterday that all we have left is February. We very seldom get bad weather in March. Thank goodness February is a short month! Because we had the freak snow storm on Christmas day, some counties snow budgets are maxed. Hugs!