Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Job hours cut!

Well, my hours at work have been cut again. Last time I had to take a cut in pay and hours. This time they just want a cut in hours. That would give me only 9 hours a week to work. I'm thinking it really isn't worth my time to go in for 3 hours, 3 days a week! It will cut my pay in half too. It takes effect April 19Th. I have upcoming doctor visits and decisions to be made concerning my health, so I'm thinking it's best just to give my notice and that would give me just 8 more days to work. But with Tom laid off, is it the smartest decision to make. The amount of pay I would make would make in two weeks would probably buy groceries for a week, but with the price of gas rising all the time, I'm wondering if I can justify continuing to work! I receive no benefits from working part-time and don't receive any holiday pay. They would still want me to drive to corporate headquarters a couple times a year to fill in full-time for the front desk gal who would be going on vacations, but even that doesn't amount to that much and corporate headquarters is another 20 miles of driving every day added to what I now drive.

So, I am just venting and putting it down in writing to better help me think it through and come up with a solution that is best for me at this time.


janeywan said...

We can't find someone to move into my mothers home for free room and board, if they can just give insulin injections!!
Maybe you want to move out to CO!

Sorry your having so many troubles. :(

Anonymous said...

Blogs are good for venting. I'm very sorry about your job situation. Do know that I'm thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. I'm sending you some hugs too!

Ame said...

so sorry to hear this. life is just so hard.

Mike said...

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clew said...

This is a pickle. I guess one thing to throw into the equation is, how much do you enjoy working? The benefits of change of scenery and activity outside the home routine may or may not make up for the down-points.

I hope things are looking more clear for you today. Love you!

clew said...

P.S. I'm trying to spark up the ol' blog again - stop by anytime :)

KittyBrooks said...

Sorry to hear about what you are going through. I have the same problem. I, too, am down to just 9 hours, 3 days a week. I have to spend the pay from almost 3 hours just to get to and from work each week. Now I have been told that a lot of lay offs going to be done soon. Over 350 people are going to be fired and most if not all would be part-time workers, people like me. I have decided to stay till I ma fired, hoping that maybe I would still have a job at the end of it all. I've talked to my supervisor and she said she would defend me no matter what. Hopefully she actually has some pull and the fact that I have been working there for four years,longer than anyone else, with no problems, have shown interest in staying for full time.

Good luck with everything. As a suggestion from someone who has been in the job search for some time try to look for a job similar to the job you did or could do. Jobs where you would do similar things, similar skills are needed. For example clercks, administrative assistants and assistant managers have similar duties, if you are looking for a job in one you could try all.

martie said...

Kitty, I am retired anyway and was just working at the local newspaper office for fun, but it isn't worth the drive and time for just 3 hours, 3 days a week. I'm just as happy sitting home and enjoying the weather for a change. The last 3 years I have missed most of spring and summer working and filling in for people on vacations, so this year I will really enjoy what I have been missing! Thanks for stopping by!