Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Shoulda stayed at deer camp..........."

are the words he used on Sunday. All because he cut his thumb and I thought it needed stitches and he wouldn't listen to me. My words...."do you need any help re-packing!" He never did end up seeking medical attention and has since decided it should have been stitched. He also snapped at me and said I had been treating him as if he were a child ever since he came home. I asked him 'how so?' He had no answer...........therefore, I assume he was imagining it.

As a result, we are not speaking! Know what though? He just isn't equipped to continue this silence...........some things women are just better at!

This too, shall pass...........eventually!


janeywan said...


You know they never, I repeat never listen and then we are to blame in some twisted point of view.

LOL, hang in there girlfriend, he'll crack.

Does he not read your blog?

Ame said...

poor guy ... just sucks when you have to swallow your pride and admit your wife was right!!!

clew said...

I once heard that men don't take wives, they just get a younger mother.

Sounds like your boy needs a spanking!

chesneygirl said...

I've heard that same sentence out of my own husband's mouth shortly after he's returned.

MEN!! *shaking head*

Anonymous said...

((((Martie)))) - this will pass. Besides if talking to you is anything close to emailing and blogging with ya, then I don't see him holding out very long at all.


Lori said...

Aw, martie....It sounds like he's more angry with himself than he is with you, but being a man, doesn't know how to admit it!

Those moments always do pass, but they're tough ones to get through at times. I imagine by now all is well and the loving words are flowing once again!