Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sensational Saturday

What a great day! Doug's two youngest came to spend the weekend with him. Monday is Hunter's 5th birthday so we celebrated Saturday. As soon as breakfast was out of the way, the kids helped make the 'birthday cake'. Then we all went to the park to fly the kites that Doug got for them. Hunter's was a 'Sponge Bob' and Harley's was 'Dora the Explorer'. Dora was true to her name. Boo (aka Harley) let go and Dora was off exploring on her own over the treetops and far away. Bon Voyage, Dora!!
Then it was back home for lunch and singing 'Happy Birthday', eating cake and opening presents.

Both the little ones were given fishing poles by their dad as he had already set up a fishing expedition/picnic for today, Sunday. So far I'm the only one up. They must all be exhausted from sitting up last night watching the bon fire.

Guess maybe I should be out in the kitchen packing a picnic lunch. Nah.....I think I'll drink my coffee first!


Anonymous said...

What fun. Drink your coffee... sounds like you are going to need it!



Nelly said...

How fun! Did someone say coffee? I need a refill!

Anonymous said...

Really sounds like you are having a great time watching your son and grandkids. They all look so happy.

Hope they had fun fishing!!


Slick said...

Awww, looks like a great day planned.

Tracy said...

Looks like fun! I will be having fun this weekend!

Happy Memorial Day!

Renee said...

That looks like fun, Martie. I've been wanting to take the boy kite-flying, but that would involve having a kite, which we do not. I need to invest in one so we can go 'fly a kite'.