Saturday, February 10, 2007

Improvement in the weather.....

is a welcome thing for me. The roads are much better to drive on now and I can actually get in the car, well at least when hubby isn't using it since his truck still isn't running right, and drive myself to the post office or anywhere else that isn't too far for me to venture by myself! Most of the roads are just wet with icy patches along the edges now instead of being totally covered in ice.

The above picture is of our "fur-kid", Prancer, dressed in her winter coat for playing in the frigid temperatures. She hates it, but it doesn't really matter anymore because she's outgrown it anyway. What she really needs is boots!

Hubby is at his uncle's house today working on the truck and I took Amber to visit her Daddy at his place for the afternoon. The sun was shining so pretty when I left to take her, but the closer we got to his house (16 miles south of my house) it was snowing so hard that I couldn't see too far in front of the car.....maybe 2 car lengths, but I made it okay!

I wanted to take some more pictures of the snow, but the batteries in my digital have died. They were rechargeable but they don't seem to charge anymore. I tried two different chargers and the batteries won't charge in either one of them. My thoughts are that the batteries have totally died!! Note to self: pick up AA batteries at store.


Rachel said...

there is a charger that only takes 15 minuets by energizer. it comes with some batteries too about 30.00 at walmart.

Anonymous said...

I have Rayovac and Energizer rechargeable batteries. I have realized that if I mix them in my digital camera, my camera will not work even if the batteries are 100% charged. Both brands are NiMH type, which is what my camera uses. I find that odd.

I love that picture of Prancer! Prancer with boots...I could see it. :) Glad the road conditions have improved.

Stay warm!

JD's Rose said...

The weather over there is spinning me out at the moment!

Booties and a coat would look so cute. Match it up with a beenie and Prancer will be the most fashionable dog on the block.


Smalltown RN said...

Oh prancer looks so sweet....glad you were able to venture out snow here....still plenty of fog....

Anonymous said...

Okay we are ready for spring!!!

Even though Prancer looks very happy...It is time for the thaw. Be careful driving in all this yuck.

Take care,

Tracy said...

Cute poochie!
With the sun shining so brightly it is very deceiving. You would almost think it was Spring outside, until of course you take one step out and realize how freaking cold it is!!
I am glad you made it okay with the snow. Thank gosh we have not gotten any snow in a few days. I can handle to cold, but I really hate the snow.

Slick said...

Good Gosh Martie...there's ice and snow all over your "fur kid". You might as well be living on Antarctica.

When I win the lotto, I'm gonna have to set my Internet Mom up in a cottage in West Palm Beach. You've lived in that stuff for far too long.

How's the hubby's mouth?

Nelly said...

We're supposed to be getting a hefty amount of the white shit through Wednesday. I think we're all going to die. Seeing how nobody knows how to drive it in!

chesneygirl said...

Now that it is calming down for's going to get crazy over here on this side....they calling for up to 10 inches over the next 36 hours.
I hate it!!...not looking forward to my drive home from work tomorrow AT ALL!!!!