Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

How many of you receive these kind of items from your Sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Me either; and do you want to know why? Keep reading....

You see, I don't need flowers or candy on Valentine's Day from my Sweetie! I don't need candy or flowers or any other gift just because it's Valentine's Day. He shows me all the time just how much he loves me by getting up and going to work each day to earn a paycheck. He shows me in the way he helps me in the house, and so many more ways than just supplying me with empty calories in the candy and a runny nose from the flowers. And I show him just how much I love him by keeping the house clean, paying the bills, doing the laundry and cooking the meals. Oh, there are other ways we show our love too, but the above mentioned ones are the ones that people rarely take the time to thank the other one for. Probably because they are the ordinary day to day mundane tasks of living. Not the kind of thing that sells Hallmark cards.......but in my opinion the ones that really matter!

I remember when I was hospitalized and hubby was there for me. He stayed by my side and was there when I needed him. Love is being there for the bad along with the good. He showed just how much he loved me.....and he continues to do so to this day. Oh sure, I get angry with him and he gets angry with me. Two people can not live together without having differences. Love means fighting fairly. Love means working through those differences and re-connecting afterward. Love means forgiving one another and not holding a grudge. Love means wanting the other person to be happy and being able to put them first, not that you will always have to, but the ability to do so really shows a strong and lasting love.

So, this is my tribute, my offering of love to my hubby this Valentine's Day. Thank you for being there, for loving me, for putting up with me (I know I'm not always easy to live with), but mostly thank you for staying true to yourself and just for being the wonderful man you are to me! I love you.....Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

That was a very wonderful and true message!

V said...

You are such a sweetheart!!!

River Rat said...

Sounds like we are both two lucky women! Happy Valentines Day!

JD's Rose said...

Awww... we have the rule not to buy anyhing for V Day, but Mr JDR can't help himself.

Happy Valentines Day Martie!!!


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely post about your husband. You are so right about showing how much you care all year long. These are the things that count for sure.

Is it okay to still want a bag of those conversation hearts?? I love those.lol

Happy Valentine's Day Martie. You are the best.

Nelly said...

What a sweet post Martie! You hit on all the things that matter most. I told my hub a couple nights ago, "don't buy me a Valentine's Day card, ok?" He replied, "I wasn't going to." We both feel like our anniversary is a special day set aside for "us" and us alone. Neither of us like acknowledging these "Hallmark" holidays. Him just being him everyday is all I need! Thanks for the reminder of what is really important! Happy V day to you and yours! Miss ya!

Renee said...

How sweet, Martie! It sounds like y'all have something so special.
Happy Valentines Day!

Rebecca said...

Happy Valentine's Day Martie! And I agree with you - Valentine's Day shouldn't be the only day someone shows their affections. It should be an all the time thing. :) If they make it a point on VD, well then that's nice - but not necessary. Cards should be given year round - not just once a year. :)

Enjoy the day. :)

Tracy said...

Happy Valentines Day Martie! Sorry I didn't post yesturday!

Slick said...

Tell you what I-Mom, your husband is one lucky dude and I can bet, he knows that!

Great post!!

chesneygirl said...

What a WONDERFUL post, Martie!!

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!! :)