Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Labor Day Weekend.......the end of summer!

That's what Labor Day weekend is supposed to signify, right? Growing up, we were always led to believe that Memorial Day was the beginning of the summer season and Labor Day was the end of the season.

As a child, the first camping trip of the year was always Memorial Day weekend. Albeit, the last camping trip guessed it, Labor Day weekend. This weekend, I won't be doing any camping, but one of my sons is bringing his tent and children and camping in my backyard. He has promised all summer that he would take them camping but his job requires that he be gone out of town frequently and for at least a week at a time, and with a wife and 3 young ones (9,3 and 8 months) at home, it has been almost impossible to get away on a camping trip. I hope we have good weather. I don't care if it's somewhat cool, but if we get rain and thunder and lightning, I know they'll all be sleeping in the house and they will be disappointed that they aren't camping out! Amber is coming for the weekend too, so it's a good thing that the tent is big enough for at least 4 people!

My daughter, naive, wants to go up north to help mr. naive finish building the house he has been working on. She is anxious for him to get it finished, so he can come home and stay home, instead of just coming home for the weekend. I will keep Drew for her so she can go. Drew will NOT be sleeping in the tent! He will stay in the house with his Mema where it is nice and toasty and comfortable!

That reminds me; I better stock up on hot dogs, and s'mores fixings cause we'll be having a "campfire" at night and it is impossible to have a camp fire without marshmallows!!


chesneygirl said...

You already know how I feel about Labor Day weekend. :(

I hope you have enough beds in your know, JUST in case there is bad weather.
But there better not be...I'll be over in your neck of the woods for the holiday weekend too so I'm counting on you to make sure we have spectacular weather! ;)

Have a fun weekend! :)

Ame said...

See ... if I'm gonna have to camp ... in a tent ... with no potty and running water and electricity ... the back yard is the way to go!!!!!

HOW FUN!!!!!

We have a tent that I'll set up in the family room ... and bring down the mattresses ... and make s'mores in the microwave ... while we watch a movie on tv!!! hehehehehe ... now THAT"S campin!!!

Renee said...

Reading your post makes me want to have a campout, especially the Smores and hot dogs part!

Rebecca said...

Aww that sounds like so much FUN! I'm openly envious! I haven't been camping in years! :)

Tell Naive I said "hi"!

Anonymous said...

I haven't ever gone camping. S'mores are yummy! I've only had s'mores via "micro-beaming." :) Bet they are better over a fire.

Nelly said...

I hope you have a roasting stick for me! I'm comin over!

martie said...

Hey Nelly ~ do you need directions? Let me know and I'll e-mail them to you!!! ;)

Connie and Rob said...

I would stay in the house with Drew but please buy me a hot dog!

You are going to have a busy holiday. Hope you have lots of fun and the weather is good for you.

Take care,

Mike said...

Ewwwwww .... hot dogs, and s'mores - I'm on my way!! Have a fun and safe Labor Day wekend.

clew said...

Happy Labor Day, MM! Save a s'more for me - or at least the chocolate bar part!

martie said...

Okay, Clew, I've put a chocolate bar away for you. Let me know when I need to break it out! ;)