Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I've been tagged!......

I have been tagged by Clew and am happily playing along:

Four jobs that I have had:

1) Billing clerk at a large retail store
2) Accounts Payable Clerk in a Loan Company
3) Telephone Operator for a Phone Answering Co.
4) Employment Counselor for a Temporary Employment Agency

Four movies that I could watch over and over:

1) The Sound of Music
2) Dances with Wolves
3) Winn-Dixie
4) The Bear

Four Place in the US that I like:

1) Michigans Upper Peninsula
2) Denver, Colorado
3) Cumberland Falls, KY
4) The Grand Canyon

Favorite Places I have vacationed

1) Copper Harbor, MI
2) Yellowstone National Park
3) Mackinaw, MI
4) Black Hills of South Dakota

Four Favorite TV shows:

1) Trading Spaces
2) ER
3) House
4) Animal Rescues

Four sites I visit daily:

1) My blog(s)
2) ABC News
3) Friends blogs
4) Mailbox

Since everyone has been tagged.....it ends here!


Connie and Rob said...

I love the movie Winn-Dixie! I bought that movie and have watched it so many times. It is definitely a feel good movie. Love that dogs smile.


blazing-firebird said...

Someone at work mentioned watching House. I've not ever seen that show. Perhaps I should tune in sometime. :)