Thursday, August 17, 2017

End of summer and wedding!

August 17, 2017

Well, here it is.......almost the end of another summer!  This summer our granddaughter, Emily, will be getting married in Breckenridge, CO.  The wedding is planned for the 24th. We are going to be driving out.  We wanted to rent a smaller size motor home to drive out so we would be able to move around more while on the road since I have trouble sitting still for very long.  But try as we might, there was nothing available for the days we needed so we are driving out in Tom's truck.  It will be a long, long trip and I hope it won't be too miserable for us.  We both have trouble with our backs and pain sometimes gets out of hand even with our pain meds.

We weren't sure if we were going to be able to make it at all.  We were waiting for our state tax return which didn't come and didn't come.  Seems it was being held up due to some unresolved third party debt.  Finally it was settled and it came.........just in time for us to be able to make the trip.  I would hate to miss seeing Emily and Tyler get married!  Now I won't have too!

On another note, I think Amber is going to go back with Bobby.  I don't care, if that is what she wants to do!  I have my doubts that he will ever change.  He is a selfish man and doesn't seem to want to help Amber at all.  Even to watch the kids (and one of them is his) for 15 minutes so she can take a shower!  I wish her luck, but I think she has enough guts to walk away from it if it is too bad!  She did it twice before with him so I think she will do it again if the need arises.  She had enough guts to walk away from Michael......Triton's daddy....and I think she would do it to Bobby (Easton's daddy) should she need to!

Other than that, Tom has been working a lot of overtime.  The money is nice, but it sucks spending so much time alone with just the dogs.  That's right, I said dogs!  We have a new puppy.  Well he arrived in May for my birthday.  He is a German Shepard, Lab, Border Collie mix and is a cute as a bug.  

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