Saturday, October 02, 2010


The wedding was lovely.   The bride and groom are thrilled as are all 6 of the kids they blended into one big family..............sort of like the Brady Bunch.......only I'm sure they will have more trouble than the blended TV family..........LOL!  As you can see, it was an outdoor wedding and although the rain held off until the next day, it was pretty chilly with a temp of only about 57º!  The bridesmaids, as well as the bride, all had sundresses on and while they looked very nice, they also looked very cold.

My oldest daughter is a photographer and she took their wedding pictures as their family gift to the new couple.  She is still editing a lot of them as she works full time outside the home and has a family to take care of too.  But they will get them all (400 of them) on a disk very soon and they can look through them at their leisure and pick the ones they want!

Needless to say, I cried.  This was our last one to get married!  Although they have 6 children between them and they will have to blend it and make it work, I am confident that they can do it.  After all, my son had good teachers.  We did it too, but only with five kids!

I called them the other day to see how things were and they both sounded so much in love that I almost cried again!

So, this is the only update in a while, I will try to remember to get back her more often to read others and to write!


Katie's Mom said...

Hey girl! I was updating my church's prayer list Thursday and wondered about you and how you're doing (we usually only leave a name on for a month unless we hear something). We, all your followers, really need an update from you, although this last post sounds a little reassuring. Drop a short note now and then just to keep us in the loop. Hugs & prayers!!!

Katie's Mom said...

Martie, Got your comment on my post. My heart and prayers continue to go out to you. Please keep me posted. If you're not up to blogging, leave a comment on my latest. God Bless!!