Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hump Day.............

and I just found out, almost a week after receiving it, that I was the recipient of an award given to me by my good friend and adopted daughter.  Thanks Clew!  I do feel special and now that I have it, I almost feel guilty for not posting as much as I use to..........but not quite guilty enough!  However according to Clew, I am supposed to choose ten people to give this award to.  Although there are many blogger friends who deserve this award and it will be tough to choose, I wish I could give it to all of you.  First there is Jaynewan who writes some wonderful things about what she sees and where she lives.  And I can't forget my good friend Mary Anne, who lives on an island with the most beautiful scenery for miles around and is a very intelligent and interesting writer, and who happens to be an RN.  She is a fabulous writer and person!  Another one is Rebecca, who has some very interesting things that she writes about too.  And since I haven't been keeping up on my blogging or reading, I am at a loss as to whom else to chose.  Some of the ones I would have chosen were already picked by Clew, so until I can think of others, this will have to do for now!  And once again, thanks Clewy for the award you bestowed upon me!

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janeywan said...

Ahh Martie, can't believe I even saw this post girlfriend! I have been very remiss in blogging and keeping up with others. I know you've been going through some horrible times with your health and all. I have no excuse for not keeping in better touch other than just trying to get through every day without complaining to much!
Maybe with the nicer weather I'll snap out of what ever it is I'm in. :)

Know that I think about you often.