Friday, November 13, 2009

Deer season once again!

It seems like 'deer season' rolls around all too fast lately. Tom has left this evening for the U.P. and his annual 2 week deer hunting trip. Although I wonder why he goes every year since there are way more deer in the lower peninsula due to the wolf population in the upper peninsula killing off a lot of the deer. I suspect it has much more to do with he camaraderie with the guys than the actual shooting of a deer!

This year it was much harder to watch him go than the last few years. It is probably due to the fact that he was in the hospital just a couple weeks ago with a 95% blockage in his right coronary artery and they also found an aneurysm that they were also able to fix. The doctors gave him a clean bill of health to go, yet my mind has trouble wrapping around the fact that he will be okay after such a short recovery period. I can't believe a person can be at deaths door one day and two weeks later be okay to travel 12 hours away into a remote area with no easy access to health care if needed. I know I worry too much, but after burying one husband, I am not really looking forward to having to do it again. And for whatever reason, this year I feel more alone than ever before. Perhaps because the kids are all busy with their own families, and the grand kids are growing up and not wanting to come and stay here like they use too. I have the two dogs, but they seem more work than company of late. Probably because one of them is 11 months old and still a puppy and a lot of work. And she pesters the older dog until she gets upset and barks and that drives me nuts. Maybe I am just getting too old for all of this stuff. Plus working part-time most weeks and full-time some weeks, just seems to get me down and depressed to the point of not feeling like doing anything at all. It even seems like a chore to get on the computer and type most nights.

Well, enough complaining...................going to go and read a bit and see if that helps. Until next time.....................


Pearl said...

It is hard to be the caregiver and give it a 150% then let the patient go off for two weeks. I am sure there is no way you would have been able to keep your husband home...This time of year they get a glaze over their eyes and only respond to words like Buck and Points.
I am sure his guardian angels have taken over for you.
Do something special for yourself...Go shopping or go the a show you might have been seeing on advertisements.
Take good care my friend.

janeywan said...

I hear ya, Martie, but men will be men! Maybe next year you should go visiting while he's away hunting.
I think my hubby is getting over the buck fever a bit. He seems just as content to watch them and grab some photos to share with his friends.

Anonymous said...

This year has flown by. I know you miss him when he leaves. Just think positive thoughts of how much fun he'll be having and then make some fun for yourself. Put the dogs in separate rooms? LOL If I were closer, I would help you with the dog situation. I would wear them both out. Hugs

clew said...

I know what you're saying, friend. I think of the one year's stressful events every time Thanksgiving rolls around. But that's men - stubborn as mules. ;)

Miss you. Wish I could pop in over the holiday!

Pearl said...

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.