Friday, July 31, 2009

Well it is happening. Amber is growing up so fast, she is outgrowing us! I know that is the way things go as they become teenagers, still it is hard! It is like letting go of another child and realizing that a part of the relationship you once had is gone and nevermore to be! I just hope she can get the guidence and support that she still needs at her age from her mom or another female figure who is a big part of her life! I miss her so!


Pearl said...

Oh I am so sorry you are sad. I know I am going to have the same rude awakening with Maddy (my great-niece). Right now she loves me so and enjoys her visits...but I know one day she is going to be busy with other things.
I guess we have to be grateful for our precious moments...Don't worry she will grow and need you once again.
Sending you hugs,

Anonymous said...

You will always be an important part of her life. Hugs!

Lori said...

You mean more to her than you realize. Kids just go through a phase where they take all that for granted. But know you are a wonderful shining light in her world and that she loves you, so much!