Monday, March 09, 2009

Geese flying

Geese flying
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While driving to work the other morning, I spotted a formation of geese flying north. A sure sign that spring is on its way! As I travelled further down the road, I saw another group in the same 'v' formation heading in the same direction. There are other signs too. The maple trees in my backyard are beginning to bud. I haven't seen any growth of my flowers that come back every year, but I am sure they are just lying dormant, waiting for the mositure and sun to coax them into pointing their little heads up for all to see and rejoice in.

It has been a very long, hard winter in Michigan, as well as elsewhere, I'm sure. And I imagine that every one of you is as anxious for spring to arrive as I am. I even heard one of our local meteorlogists say that he was tired of winter and ready for spring!

It is beautiful outside today. The thermometer says it's only 43ยบ out there but I was out sitting in just my jeans, shoes and sweater keeping an eye on Cocao and Prancer and it certainly felt warmer than that in the sun. In fact, I'm wondering what I am doing inside on such a nice day off? So I will end this and head back out to the great outdoors and enjoy it while I can!


Rachel said...

The weather today is great. Nice and sunny and warm. The news site says that it is only 60 degrees, but it feels much warmer. This is the kind of weather that I wish we had all year long. Just right.

Anonymous said...

It's been around 80 degrees here since Friday. It is supposed to cool down though later this week. I've been wearing shorts.

Have you heard about those homes in MI being threatened by ice drifts? I saw this on the news. Scary!


Lori said...

Look at that beautiful blue sky! We had storms and rain so we've had overcast.

KS had a very mild winter...some cold temps, but very little snow. Some of our biggest snow storms have happened in March so we can't rule it out just yet. I'm anxious for spring, except for the tornadoes and thunderstorms...and mowing 5 acres!
Blessings, friend!

Pearl said...

I want flowers....Lots of lilies in my backyard. Can't wait to see color.
Hang in there. We had a few warm days and I could even wear sandles.
Of course now it is freezing again.

Take good care of yourself.