Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions at our house mean a lot to us. There has only been two years since I was 23 that I have had to decorate the tree alone. My children use to partake in this activity until they grew up, moved out and had their own tree to decorate and their own traditions to establish.

This year I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of Amber's company here to help decorate the tree. Here is a photo of her hanging up an ornament on a partially decorated tree. The next photo is one of "Bumpa", Amber and Drew warming their feet by the fireplace. This isn't a tradition, but Bumpa thinks we should make it one! Bumpa thinks any time he is laying down in front of the fireplace should be turned into a family tradition! In all fairness to Bumpa, he has been working 6 and 7 days a week lately, so I'm sure laying down anywhere, anytime feels good to him!
We also make several different kinds of cookies for the holidays. This year we baked peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip, snickerdoodles and sugar cookies. We even decorated the sugar cookies, but with little ones helping with the frosting, I think more cookies and frosting were eaten than decorated.

Something new that Amber and I did this year was to make a Gingerbread house and decorate it. It came as a kit, but let me tell you they are not as easy as they sound. We both got a little frustrated but she did most of it with minimal supervision and this is the finished product......... I don't think it turned out too badly, do you?


clew said...

Ohmygosh! Incrediboy and I did a gingerbread house this past weekend! I'm going to post ours this evening just for you.

chesneygirl said...

Traditions are the best part of Christmas in my opinion!

As for the new laying in front of the fireplace tradition ... it sounds great to me!! Matter of fact, I just might invite myself to be a part of you new tradition because I don't have a fireplace! ;)

I'd say Amber did a fantastic job on the gingerbread house! I've never done one myself.

Merry Christmas, Mema!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm!!! Peanut butter cookies! Merry Christmas!

Lori said...

It turned out great! And I like that idea of toasting your feet at the fire...mine are always cold!

Merry Christmas, dear one!

Smalltown RN said...

I think you did a fabulous job on the gingerbread house....I truly hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.....hugs to you my friend...

Ame said...

i agree with Bumpa :)

i love this, for more reasons than you shared here :)