Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happenings and inconveniences!

Second youngest son's(the one who is engaged)fiancee is sick with pneumonia. She's had it since Jan. but just got into see the doctor. She also just found out that she is pregnant so that limits what medications she can take. He gave her an antibiotic shot in the butt and told her to take Tylenol for fever, aches and pains and that was all. I think she is starting to feel better, but is way behind on laundry she says. Doug helps when he can, but working full time and coming home to take care of her and 4 kids makes it a little difficult. To top that off, something happened to the pipes in the apartment complex they live in and they've had no water for the last 3 days. We have taken them drinking water and they got 35 gallon buckets of water from where she works part-time to flush the toilets with and heat for washing up. But the laundry was just piling up. I told them to bring some here and I would do it. I washed 3 big loads for them. So at least the have clean underwear, socks, pj's and a couple outfits each now. Hopefully the water will be repaired soon. While they were dropping off the laundry they took the time to shower too...........that's pretty important for anyone they have to be around!

I talked Hubby into staying home yesterday and going to the doctor. He hasn't been feeling well and I was sure he had the flu in spite of having had his flu shot last fall. I was wrong. It is an upper respiratory infection and he is on a course of antibiotics to make him well. I have been making sure he is getting plenty of rest and sleep and lots of liquids to drink.......and not beer either. Mostly water, orange juice and and occasional soda. I'm hoping he starts to feel better by tomorrow. He will have to return to work on Monday, even if he isn't 100% yet. Poor man. I hope I don't catch it either.

I was supposed to keep Drew today while Naive and Mr. Naive went to watch E. in her competitive cheer leading, but because of illness in the household, they chose to find someone else to watch him. I don't blame them. I wouldn't want the little guy to get sick either. But I do miss him coming here. I miss Amber too. We haven't seen her since sometime in Jan. And the last time she was down this way was the week before Christmas and New Years, and part of that time she spent at her dad's of course. I spoke with her last night and wished her well on the all day basketball tournament she played in today, and told her to let me know how it went, but I haven't heard anything from her yet.

I'm hoping that the weather breaks soon and the distance to pick her up and bring her here won't matter so much if the roads are clear. I'm eagerly awaiting springs arrival!


Ame said...



i'm sorry ... but REALLY glad hubby actually WENT to the DOCTOR!!!

whew! and glad they took baths, too ;)

Anonymous said...

Man that sounds rough about the apartment complex pipes! I hope Hubby is feeling better asap. There have been so many people sick. Yesterday in Wal-Mart, I dodged the coughs to the best of my ability. At every turn, I met someone coughing. I've been very lucky this year...knock on regards to sickness.

Here's hoping for springtime like weather real soon for you. I think spring has sprung here where I live. Bees have been spotted and someone mentioned seeing pollen. Groundhog doesn't know what he's talking about. LOL Of course we could get a surprise wintry mix...I hope not...2 inches of snow will shut the city down. LOL


Smalltown RN said...

YOu know...I must be losing it...I could have sworn I left you a note on your post....and here I am and I see nothing from me....I am glad hubby went to the doctors...and starts recovering for Amber...I can imagine how you miss her so....yes spring should be coming....or at least I I am certain...I looked in my window boxes and the tulips are starting to rear their heads.....the birds are back in their bounty and making all kinds of noise. I was thinking that after I do some piano practise this morning I might just go and take my bird book and go do some birding....if I find something of intrest and will post it....hope you have a fantastic day....and I hope Ambers tournament went well...cheers my friend...consider yourself hugged!!!

Pearl said...

You are always such a good mom. I feel so sorry for the trouble they are having with their water. We take things so much for granted. Water and heat is major.

So sorry to hear your hubby is ill. Mine was sick with that upper respiratory about a month ago and don't ya know he got a relapse this weekend. Awful stuff.
Hope you and I don't catch it.


Tracy said...

Are ya sick of the snow??? AHHHH I cannot take it anymore!! It is so time to move!!!! Thanks for checking in on my blog! You are so awsome!