Sunday, October 14, 2007

I thought that I would have had a chance to post about my wonderful trip to Texas by now. And I fully intended to do that tonight but got called to watch Drew while Naive went to the ER. Everything turned out good.

I came home and intended to post but wanted to return some phone calls and check my email first. My son, Doug, called and asked me if I would hang onto a little black box he had that contained a matching wedding band to the diamond he just put on his girlfriend's finger after he asked her to marry him and she said YES! Wow, this is really a huge moment for Doug! I am so happy for him and his bride-to-be!

I called Naive and filled her in on the news and she was going to call him and tell him congratulations. As soon as I hung up from talking with her, Bumpa came home and let the dog out.

When she came back in the telltale odor of skunk was strong. Of course we didn't have the ingredients for the skunk neutralizer in the house so Bumpa had to go to the store and purchase 4 bottles of peroxide! IT is now 1:30AM and the dog smells much better and I have emptied an entire bottle of 'Febreeze' throughout the house and it still smells. If anyone has any ideas how to rid my home of this odor please let me know.

Here is the recipe for the skunk odor removal from a dog.

1 quart hydrogen peroxide
1/4 c. baking soda
1 teaspoon liquid detergent

Wash the dog for about 5 minutes with this solution paying attention to keep it out of the dogs eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly. This mixture will wash a dog approximately the size of a Jack Russell Terrier. Double or triple it accordingly.

Now I am going to try and get some sleep!


Ame said...

OHHHH!!!! Give Doug and his fiance a hug of congratulations for me!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

EEEEEEK!!!!! Sorry about the skunk!!! I have no idea ... but surely there is someone who does :)

I'm going to bed now to get some sleep, too ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Doug and his bride to be!

Wow- you had a busy night. Here's to pesky odors being gone and sorry I don't have any good suggestions.


River Rat said...

Congrats on the engagement! That's just wonderful! I've always heard of using tomato juice, I'll keep that in mind though, let's just hope I'll never have to use either!

Smalltown RN said...

Oh no....welcome back...what a welcoming back for you....your son is getting wonderful is that...gosh I am so happy for all of you....I just wanted to tell you...I started putting out my Halloween stuff today...and guess what...the wonderful gifts you gave me last year are all out...I was thinking all about you as I put them out..thanks soon...

chesneygirl said...

Oh sheesh! Yuck!
I've heard tomato juice works too...not sure if it really does or not?

CONGRATULATIONS to Doug and his bride-to-be!!!! :)

So how is Naive's bum?
I'm sorry... it's not really funny but how it happened sure as heck is!!!! LOL

clew said...

I use that same recipe for MBDog (a 70-ish pound doggie) and just one batch does it ... but he does have short fur. If your dog is a fluffy one, I'd imagine more than one batch WOULD be necessary. The only drawback is you have to keep it away from their eyes, so there will be small areas that will still stink :/.

Lovely smell, eh? Like old burnt tires. YUM!

CONGRATS to Douggie Fresh!!!

p.s. tomato juice doesnt work, y'all - it just seems like it works because it gives your nose something else to focus on and your olfactory nerves shut down to the skunk smell. Mark my words, if you leave for a few minutes and come back, you'll smell the skunk again. P-U! My dog's been hit twice with skunk and the recipe Martie shared here is a good one. you may have to bathe them twice in it, especially if it's especially strong or if your dog has a lot of hair. But it does do the job.

Jody said...

Guess you're planning a wedding now!

Hydrogen peroxide? So was your doggie a beautiful blonde when you were done?