Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Do you see this badge on my right side bar? It was bestowed upon me by my dear, dear friend, Smalltown RN . If you go to her site, you can read about it and the other four women that she also bestowed it on. She says of me: "I love how she shares with her readers her life, love and joys of being with her grandchildren." What wonderful things she tells about me...not so sure they are deserved, but nice to hear none the less! Thank you my dear friend!

I need to bestow this badge on five other woman that I think Rock! This will be hard because so many of you out there are such great "Rockin'" Women!

1.) Ame - Because she is doing such a great job as a single mom, raising her girls after a divorce. She is a Rockin' Girl, for sure!

2.) Tracy - for her Rockin' Girl ability to relate to others and what they have gone through and for her understanding and kindness to all who visit her blog!

3.) Rebecca - for her upbeat, friendly, positive attitude which makes it a pleasure to visit her blog and read what wonderful things she is writing about daily.

4.) Connie - for her ability to offer comfort to anyone and everyone who visits her. For being upbeat in the face of adversity and loss. And for the beautiful lilies she grows and photographs and posts for everyone to enjoy.

5.) Lori - last but not least! If you have never been to her site, you must go and read what she writes. She is so down-to-earth with her writing about growing up where she lives and the wisdom, truth and love that come through in her words will have you leaving with a greater sense of what is really important in your life.

Now grab this badge for yourselves and find 5 Rockin' Women and pass it on if you want!


Lori said...

Wow. Thank you, Martie. How nice of you to pick me for this badge of honor. I so appreciate all of your kind words and the support you give me, always, on my site. You've been with me through the ebbs and flows of my blogging and have shown me a great friendship in this world of technology.

Many blessings to you today!

Lori said...

P.S. Back at ya, babe! ;-)

Tracy said...

Martie, thank you so much! I feel like a "slacker" these days cause I have not been to my fellow bloggers sites to check up on them! What an honor when another bloggin buddy puts you as a post on their blog.....Thank you!

Nelly's says she wants to get together with the girls again soon, this time I want to come too! I would love to meet you and the rest of the gang!

Again, THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Martie,
You are the sweetest. I think you have made my day for sure. Very proud to be a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" and will happily pass the torch along.

Hope you and your family are doing well. Take care,

Anonymous said...

Well that is lovely... and much deserved.


Rebecca said...

Hi Martie!
THANK YOU very much for thinking that I am a Rockin' Girl! :)

I am glad that I found this world of blogging a little over a year ago, because it's really allowed me to enjoy hearing about other people's you, and your family! I should only be so lucky for my children to have someone in their lives like you! Your family is quite blessed.

You are definitely deserving of that badge - and I thank you for thinking the same of me. :)

Rebecca :)

ame said...

okay ... as you know i'm WAY behind and am trying to catch up ... my mind is beginning to free up some mental space ;)

soooo ... WOW!!! Thank you!!!!!!! I'm SO touched!!!!!!!

and, congratulations!!! boy, do you deserve it!!!!!!!